Groove about to raise price of their Professional offering

by Volker Weber

I hope that I am reading this correctly into their newsletter:

What's more, when you upgrade to the current version of Groove Workspace Professional Edition v2.1, you'll get a FREE UPDATE to the upcoming release, Professional Edition v2.5 (a $105 value), when it becomes available. You'll be saving $50, while getting all the value from additional capabilities in v2.5...

Currently you pay $49 for the standard and $99 for the professional version. The upgrade form one to the other is $55. Assuming that the 2.5 update will free for licensed customers, one has to assume that after 2.5 comes out, the professional version will be $149 because the upgrade will be a "$105 value".

Clear message from Groove Networks: If you want to upgrade, do it now. I am very curious what the response from The Customer will be.


Lurking Groove's Forums I read the cutoff for low price Groove Pro is Nov. 24. And that 2.5 will have printing.

Joe O'Laughlin, 2002-11-15

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