Spam is getting worse every day

by Volker Weber


I think the noise level in my main inbox is now higher than 50%. Thanks to SpamPal I do not even see most of it. It tags the unsolicited mail and a server rule in my Domino server dumps the junk into a special mailbox. Once a week I clean that out.

Currently I have four mailboxes. The main inbox, one for press releases, one for mailing lists and one for spam. Vendors, if you force me to register my mail address I will give you and I can guarantee that no one is ever going to read the valuable information you send there. If you send unsolicited bulk press releases to my main inbox they also get filtered. If you think you are fighting spam by including fake mail adresses in the following fashion, then you know a lot less about mail, dns and programming than you think you do:

But don't give up. If you want to reach me, send an e-mail. It is still your best choice if you don't use Groove. Use your full name as the originator, avoid all caps, use a meaningful subject. I will read this.


Heute bekam ich die folgende Information:

>Und dann wollte ich noch auf ein recht
>neues Programm aufmerksam


>Das ist ein Spam-Filter-Tool, das nach der
>Theorie von Bayes arbeitet,
>siehe hier:


Ich werde mal näher anschauen.

cu Henrik

Henrik Müller, 2002-11-18

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