Open source is a wonderful thing

by Volker Weber

Why? Because you can fix things.

I was setting up a Jabber server yesterday. Ran into numerous Dibertesque roadblocks. Stupid policies that prevented everyone from doing the right thing. Get a mnemonic alias for an unwieldy hostname. Nope, can't do that. Get a subdomain on a hostname. Nope, that is not possible. A-ha.

So, in the end I had to create an island that does not talk to other servers. Not the right thing to do, but still works OK. Sort of.

I was hitting another road block. There was no way to search the JUD (Jabber user directory) using wildcards. It turned out to be a limitation of jud_search.c which simply does not check for wildcards. That makes sense if you have hundreds of thousand of users on a server. But not for me since I am only expecting hundreds or thousands.

So, I ended up fixing the source with this patch, recompiled in a breeze, restarted the server, and everyone is a happy camper.


Is there an updated patch for jud-0.5? AKA jud-ansi-c

And has this patch been submitted to the original authors of jud to perhaps add this option in as a makefile option for others? For servers with a small directory listing, this functionality is way to important to be without.

Jeremy, 2004-05-28

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