Political Compass

by Volker Weber


I was a bit surprised to find myself in this quadrant. Maybe I am, measured against American standards.

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While I was initially offended by the question "The Jews have to take some responsibility for their persecution" -- even asking the question perpetuates the myths -- I did finish and landed in the same quadrant (but a little closer to center).

I should find one of my conservative friends and see how they score....

Ed Brill, 2002-11-22

No tendency to one of the political wings but balanced.

Markus Nolte, 2002-11-22

Ed, yes I thought that was indeed offensive.

I think I moved away from the center with some of the questions around consenting adults and to the left because I do not think that Manchester capitalism leads us to happiness.

Without this questionaire I would have put myself in Markus' spot.

Volker Weber, 2002-11-22

If you found the question about the Jews offensive, then you obviously didn't get the point of the test, and you also didn't read the explanation. If the test were to ask all the questions in such a manner that everybody could agree with them, it would not give any results. The point is to make extreme statements and see if people agree or disagree.

Horst, 2002-11-22

I did get the point of the test, and there were other obviously extreme statements. It semeed strange to pick on one religion though -- where was the question about all Muslims being terrorists, then?

Ed B, 2002-11-22

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