Microsoft OneNote

by Volker Weber

Steve Gillmor makes an interesting case why Microsoft's new note-taking application OneNote might become the center of the office software universe. Although I like many of the ideas behind the project, I have two problems:

- I am not going to sink my data into a Microsoft only data store. Otherwise I might as well keep it in PowerPoint files or Access databases.

- Steve Gillmor is never in doubt, but often wrong. I would not go as far as "always wrong", but "most of the times".

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Have you seen the N-LITER Study Suite Tool ( It’s pretty much like OneNote (no video, or scribbling) but better since it is integrated into the browser. Add notes, highlights… you can even search them! Looks like MS missed the boat on this one.

Joey Saunders, 2003-04-09

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