by Markus Nolte good as Microsoft Office?

One of the biggest complaints about earlier incarnations of StarOffice was that, because it was not modular in nature, it took forever to load. Well, not too much has changed in that respect. is still slow to start--even on a 1.6GHz processor with 256MB of RAM, the application took more than 20 seconds to open. Of course, once any of the applications has opened (word processor, spreadsheet app, presentation app, or drawing app), all the others open very quickly.

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I am using OO for the last 3 months. In rare cases I need to switch back to MS Off.

A few things I am missing:
F4 - a nice feature in MS Off which allows to repeat the function in other parts of the "doc". I use it mainly for formatting purposes.
In Impress (the PowerPoint equivalent), I would love to have a button like in PP, whereby the text size can be increased or reduced proportionally.

Maybe I have just not found those functions yet. It seems that everyday I discover something new and interesting.

For those who are thinking of switching: Initially you might search for this and that like in every new software. Once you got past this initialisation, OO is often much more logical and most functions and features can be accessed faster than in MS Off.

Moritz Schroeder, 2002-12-09

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