Ray Ozzie still down under

by Volker Weber

It seems like the novelty on Ray Ozzie's new toy has quickly worn off. Two month since the latest serious post. He was really excited for two months in August and September, then went on a long trip in October. It looks like he has not recovered from that yet.

I don't think it is a tool's problem. When I am travelling, I have so many new impressions that I hardly have a chance to digest them while I am still on the go. One could argue that it would be interesting to read the impressions while they are fresh but I don't think so.

I have the same problem when I am overwhelmed by a new presentation like a conference's opening session. Everybody asks me: "Now, what do you think?" - Well, I did not have time to think. Ask me tomorrow.

Great tip for PR people: Send me an executive summary of the whole thing, before I go there. Then you can have an immediate feedback after the event. Plus, I can post to my publisher's site right away. Otherwise you need to wait until I had the time to think. It's the "first tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, and finally tell them what you told them." I am badly missing the first of these three things. I know that PR expects me to parrot what I just heard. But there is no added value. People could just read press releases if they wanted that.

I will keep looking ...


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