Red Book: Upgrading to Lotus Notes & Domino 6

by Volker Weber

IBM has released a draft for a new Red Book:

This redbook describes how to upgrade existing Notes and Domino installation to the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino version 6. The chapters have been structured into a series of logical steps you follow for upgrading an environment.

The first part of the book introduces the new features of the Lotus Notes and Domino 6, discusses upgrading considerations, going into details about coexistence issues and interoperability. The second part discusses upgrade considerations related to both servers and clients.

The third and forth parts of the book walk the reader through the upgrading process steps. Part three discusses Domino Directory and Domino Server upgrading, part 4 covers upgrading the clients.

The final part of the book concentrates on the new functionality of the Domino 6 environment. We discuss the various topics related to administering the new environment. Those topics include server monitoring, messaging, security, administering clients and policy based administration among others.

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