Spammer gets spammed

by John Keys

And about time too. I really enjoyed reading this story - couldn't happen to a more fitting person.

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Right. BTW: SpamPal has all but solved this problem here for now.

Volker Weber, 2002-12-11

Right - I use McAfee's Spam Killer, which does the job, but for some reason even in downloading the mails is much slooooweeer than if I just read them in my mail program. Perhaps I'll try SpamPal.

John Keys, 2002-12-12

I use SpamCop at the moment and it works pretty well. All the filtering is done at the server level meaning I only download relevant e-mails.
I have a POP3 account from which all mail items are pulled by my SpamCop account automatically every 15mins or so. My Spamcop account is configured to forward all e-mails to a second secret POP3 account that I never give out. This is the account that I access with my mail reader.
SpamCop cost me 30 bucks but has been well worth it so far.
I think server-based filtering is the way to go but not many providers offer it.
Cheers, Chris.

Chris Melikian, 2002-12-12

That sounds interesting Chris - I'm going to take a look at SpamCop, because the server-side filtering makes real sense. Thanks for the tip!


John Keys, 2002-12-12

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