Pissing contest

by Volker Weber

Currently there are two free Domino blog templates from Anthony Connell and Jake Howlett: FreeDomBlog and DomBlog. One of them was first, one of them is ugly, one was called the first professionally done. At least one is making a fool out of himself.

Small piece of advice: You cannot win a mudslinging contest. You will always get dirty.


I wonder which would win in a GoogleFights contest? ;-)

Ben Poole, 2002-12-18

Thank you Volker. Good to see there are some rational people out there still.

You will notice I have resisted all temptation to sling any mud. It's my reputation that risks muddying as well ;o)


Jake Howlett, 2002-12-18

I have no such scruples or maturity.

I have to say, Anthony whatever-his-name is comes out very muddy indeed. I can't help feeling pity for people who get all narked up about the fact that not everyone is following them. I follow people, but once I gain the skills not to, I'll do my own thing. One day maybe even MY WORK will be used by others for their weblogs. OK, perhaps not, but I think the more people release their work, the better everyone's work will be.

Competition is what makes you raise your own game. Ray Parlour really lacked skill before Arsene Wenger brought in a load of skilled foreign players he had to compete with for a place in the team.

But I agree entirely.

Maybe the thing that sparked this whole "handbags" situation was the fact the DomBlog is a SIMILAR name to freedom blog.


Dom, I imagine, is short for DOMINO.

Blog, I am sure, is short for weblog.

Is it any wonder that both Domino blog systems use the substrings (substrings??? I sound like a developer) "Dom" and "Blog".

I hate these sort of petty squabbles. I was once accused of ripping off the ACO (organisers of the Le Mans 24 hours) by calling my website "Le Mans World". Silly.

This would be a bigger deal if it were a couple of fat cats reeling in stacks of cash from plagurism.

But it's not that at all. It's two experts, sharing their expertise with the "less-expert" masses like me, many of whom aspire to join the expert elite by learning from this process.

We should be celebrating that there are two Domino blog templates available. Respect to everyone who is doing this!

Merry Christmas to all, and peace,


Tone, 2002-12-24

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