I have been a good boy this year

by Volker Weber


Received a Mac for Christmas. At first I wanted to call it 'Schneewittchen' but that was too long. 'Heidi' did not get approved. So we settled for 'Lucy'.

Lucy is absolutely incredible. Everything just works. :-) I threw out the Microsoft stuff and installed Mozilla and VNC. The Lotus Notes installer failed miserably - what a piece of junk! I can get to my mail and the other applications on Circus, my Domino server, via Mozilla. Forget Groove for now. That only works on Windows.

The Notes client should work if it were not for the stupid installer that complains about some odd program still running. IBM, I have new stuff to bug you!

More later. Gotta play.


I recall Jake having said something about Notes on OS X. You might try there. What hardware did you get ? I've been thinking of Mac for quite some time, but I don't know where to start as regards to the actual hardware...

Jan-Piet Mens, 2002-12-26

Just consult vowe's choice in the right hand navigation :-) Unlike other hardware the iMac got an entry there almost immediately.

Stefan Rubner, 2002-12-26

Congrats :-)

The more I get my hands on a friends PowerMac G4 and Powerbook G4 (both somewhat out of reach to me moneywise), the more I start to love OS X. Add Fink, and done you are. For me, it would be just some engineering software that still requires Windows. Looking forward to read about your OS X experiences, Volker :-)

My first piece of Apple hardware will be an iPod, by the way. Not that I exactly need one - but its just to fascinating a piece of engineering: you can put your contacts and your calender on it, there is a feedreader (OS X only at this time), and it even plays music ;-)

Haiko Hebig, 2002-12-26

A new Mac for XMas ? You really must have been a good boy! Tried running VirtualPC with Groove yet? Post your experience...
Season's Greetings.


thanks for the link to Fink. This sounds interesting. As for the iPod, that is on my wishlist as well. I was fighting with myself since I did not want the stupid Windows version but did not have a mac. Now that has been resolved. :-)

no way am I going to run Groove in a virtual machine. And I cannot see that they are going to do a non-Windows version. They would not have the resources or prospective customers to get this going. BillG could give them some money but that will go through the XP chimney. Ashok has suggested I should run an instance as a thin client on PopG. That does even make less sense to me. Even if Groove would be available on Mac OS X there would still be the Linux client missing. Ray has made it perfectly clear in one of his postings that he will not be held back by multi-platform development. So I am not holding my breath here.

Volker Weber, 2002-12-27

A Mac for Christmas? I am so jealous... mine is getting kind of old ;-)

I wrote a brief thing on LDD about how to do the install on an OS X-only Mac. I think I link to the post somewhere from my site. It's an ugly kludge!

Ben Poole, 2002-12-27

Ben, thanks. I have seen that post. But I was finally able to install after booting into a clean Mac OS 9.2. I understand that a OS X installer is coming up.

I have also downloaded your fontsize.nsf and adjusted the font to +2. Still ugly. Do you have any recommendations which font looks nice with Notes on the Mac?

No, I have never been such a good guy. :-) And every computer looks old as soon as the new ones come out.

Volker Weber, 2002-12-28

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