Notes 6 on Jaguar

by Volker Weber

Finally was able to install Notes 6 on Lucy. You need to reboot into Mac OS 9. The installer does not seem to work on the Classic layer in OS X - at least not for me. So after a few reboots I got it running OK. After all this hassle I get to see the worst Mac application so far. Let's see what Ben Poole writes:

Argh! That old chestnut in Notes for the Mac is still here: font sizes. You can't read anything in the default installation! Let me take your pain away...

He is damn right. Get his fontsize app from the link above. Otherwise you cannot read a thing in the default setup. After you fixed the font size, you can at least read most of the stuff that Notes puts on the screen. I recommend you tell it to add 2 px to the default font size. Now see for yourself, how ugly the result still is. You can nicely compare to the last post about NetNewsWire Lite.


Does anybody have a good suggestion what I should use as the default font?


Hi Volker,
could u provide more details what steps where needed to get R6 going on OS/X?
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2003-01-01

I did not install under OS X. Instead I rebooted into 9.22 and installed there. It then runs under OS X as well.

Volker Weber, 2003-01-01

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