Keep it simple ...

by Volker Weber

How do you create a buddyicon in AIM? You take a good photo. You crop a rectangular region. Then you resize that to 48 by 48 pixel. You save the file and then you go to AIM and put the filename in some odd dialog. Should you delete this file later, the icon is gone. Repeat after me: Good software design is in the detail.

In iChat you drag a photo from iPhoto to your buddy. if it is too large you get this dialog:


Everything you need to know is explained on this one dialog. You resize with a slider, then you drag the photo around until you like it. Done.

Repeat after me: Good software design is in the detail.


Oh well, I just deleted a rather lengthy comment for I realized that it just boils down to whether you consider the user interface and usability as being part of the software design or not. So, basically I agree with you but would possibly hate iChat for not allowing me to play tricks with it :-)

Stefan Rubner, 2002-12-30

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