Servlet-based Domino application

by Volker Weber

Justin Knol is somewhat frustrated by the lack of servlet management capabilities in Domino. Long and interesting rant, that concludes with:

In summary, I'm disappointed at the ugliness of deploying a servlet-based Domino application compared to an "ordinary" Notes one. I think it is an example of the more general lack of commitment that IBM/Lotus have for moving Domino forward. Domino is not dead, but its application environment is not keeping up. There will come a point in the future when the classic Notes application is so far from the mainstream that the cost of bridging the gap will be large. Websphere is obviously IBM's strategic product and they are positioning it right next to Domino so that this seems like the easiest course (and smallest jump), but the gap is so large and ever-widening that there is little downside in looking at the alternatives.

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