Go read the Aardvark

by Volker Weber

Pleas help Horst Prillinger to attract more readers:

In an attempt to become famous, I have just decided to follow the call for papers for the BlogTalk conference in Vienna later this year and submit a paper, which they'll hopefully accept - or otherwise my plan to become famous will be cut short, which would be truly nasty. I just have to beat Ursula Lotze one of these days...

Have I mentioned that you should check out his weblog? I haven't? Ok, then please read his weblog. But do not get lost. He just recently lost 40 readers.



How does he know that Ozzie gets 2000+ hits? Although it's an interesting thought...I check in there regularly just to see if the nap time is over.

Ed Brill, 2003-01-10

Ray uses Radio Userland. You can read Radio statistics here:


Volker Weber, 2003-01-10

So Ray has had 387,000+ hits since he last wrote anything of use? Amazing. I could be so lucky.

Ed Brill, 2003-01-10

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