Wishful thinking

by Volker Weber



Wow, they were really fast at fixing this :)

Stefan Rubner, 2003-01-11

Volker, you've been logging individual comments about your Lucy in the past two weeks which have made my mouth water. Any chance of getting a full "report" on your experiences ? I've become very interested in Mac and Jaguar lately, and before plunging into darkness, would appreciate insight to positives & negatives on hardware & software choices.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2003-01-11

I have not switched on my PC workstation with two exceptions since Xmas. That should do as a report. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-01-11

Right - that settles it.

As Ruth's SysAdmin, I have just decided that Ruth is getting a Powerbook to replace her Dell next weekend! Thanks, Volker!

(Just need to get that approved by the Domestic Financial Controller now ;-)

John Keys, 2003-01-11

John, will the D.F.C. (or the Sysadmin :-) publish the desired model and hardware configuration for us ?

Jan-Piet Mens, 2003-01-11

Jan, right now it looks like it'll be the PowerBook G4/867 MHz. with 512 MB RAM. We're looking at this model as it seems to be the cheapest one to offer a DVI video output and PC-Card slot.

Does anyone know somewhere cheaper than Gravis to buy one in Frankfurt or by post?

John Keys, 2003-01-11

Oh No,

I have been vowed. Well anyway, concerning the PowerBook. When buying some Mac stuff for some of my customers I sometimes visit Gravis (in Munich) and they have always been nice to me. When doing price-comparisons I did not found that much differences (especially when starting with Gravis).
It annoys me is that European prices are normally 20% (and more) compared to the US pricing.Bad if you intend to spend your money on one of the new Powerbooks (I fell in love with the new 15" 1 GHz) like me.In some way I have to blame Volker because he recently reincarnated my sleeping OS-X addiction with his nice comments .


Henning Heinz, 2003-01-11

hi there...

as there is virtually no difference between the apple-store pricetag and the dealer-price (on the 867mhz g4pb 12" it is about 50 eur), you could basically buy the notebook where you´d want to, as the prices do not differ much. the gravis-price is 2799 at the moment, www.sendmac.de has the same price (they are usually quite cheap) as far as i have seen, the best price currently available is here: http://www2.guenstiger.de/gt/main.asp?produkt=185594

kind regards


toby, 2003-01-13

Thanks both to Henning and Toby for the info!


John Keys, 2003-01-13


there is some speculation floating around about the possibility of apple upgrading the 15" powerbook before long:

(i´d wait for firewire 2, and the gf mobile in the 15" version, another problem of the titanium is that the case is not very resistant against scratches and dents. the new powerbooks should be much more resistant, as the case is made of unpainted aluminum)

kind regards


toby, 2003-01-13

Thanks Toby - that is interesting. In that case, we'll take another look at the new 12" model, but may well decide to wait until the 15" model is upgraded.

Ciao, John

John Keys, 2003-01-13

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