TIMEeurope.com Poll: The Biggest Threat To Peace

by Volker Weber

So TIME asks you: Which country poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003?

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It would be interesting to know the nationalities of the people who answered - I'd bet there is a fair proportion of non-US citizens in the survey :)

John Keys, 2003-01-16

I guess so. But there may also be a fair proportion of UK readers. And the UK is one the two countries engaged in this campaign. Which makes me wonder if the Blair government is as disconnected from the people as our Gerd Show.

Volker Weber, 2003-01-16

From what I've heard, I think Blair is out of line with the public's view. And the gap is widening.

John Keys, 2003-01-16

This US citizen chose the US as the biggest threat to peace. I guess I'm out of step with my countrymen if most of them (us) want war. I don't personally know people who want war, but I see their bumper stickers on their SUVs and pickup trucks (not to essentialize or anything). "They only made us stronger" was one of the more inane slogans. I wished for a little sticker that said "dumber" to paste over the "stronger."

Dixon, 2003-01-16

Israel`s primeminister is doing exactly what Hitler did - just listen to and watch it on your TV. Nobody could tell at the time of Hitlers power grip - what a dimension it could take later.
Let me remember the words between the Nurmberg jugde and the convicted Nazi jugde:
The Nazi said: "I accept my punishmen of twenty years prison - but believe me,Sir, I never could imagine that it could go that far !"

"You went that far the very first time you sentenced to death an inocent person. I feel very sorry for you. "

Kjell Hetlelid, 2003-11-17

I agree with the results of your poll.
May I add : I am of Jewish origin (French nationality) - and consider Sharon, Netanyahu, and so on, a shame for all Jews,
not only for the Israelis. Yes, they are quasi-nazis. Yes, they are
a danger for the peace. It is a shame for the USA that, for narrow electoral reasons, the quasi-fascist Likud israelian government is free to make all it wishes. Sorry.
L. Solomon

Liviu Solomon, 2004-01-18

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