Cutting through the hype

by Volker Weber

Anonymous post in the Lotusphere 2003 Talk forum on Weightlessdog:

As a five year Lotusphere veteran, I enjoy the conference and am a big Lotus supporter. Every year I awe at what they show that other companies are doing. Well, this year you will hear about my company (in the open session and 2 sessions), and after reading the article below, I realize it is all B.S. They make it sound like we are cutting edge. We just moved to Notes R5 in mid-2002, and yes we run Sametime, but barely anyone uses it. We have quickplace functionality, but once again BARELY used. We are messing with Discovery Server and Websphere, but NOTHING is in or planned for production. We purchased Learningspace also, and it still sits on the shelf. But you read this article and we are Lotus' golden-child.

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