T minus 2 days

by Volker Weber



Wenn das bis t=0 so weiter geht, dann ist das auf dem besten Weg hier hin.

groyne, 2003-01-16

I will do my very best. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-01-16

This is definitely not fair on those of us who will be stranded here :-(

John Keys, 2003-01-16

Bear with me for two nights and one day. Then I'll leave you alone for a week. Should be back online next saturday then with a broadband connection from the 'LotusFear'.

Volker Weber, 2003-01-16

That looks cold to me. Not like where I will be this time next month:


Jake Howlett, 2003-01-17

Right, but that would be too warm for me. In FL the nights still get cold. Daytime temperatures are about as I like them best. The big change for me is the sun. I can't remember when I had one week of sunshine (and time to enjoy it).

Volker Weber, 2003-01-17

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