Work in progress

by Volker Weber

I am quite busy writing stories from Lotusphere. So please bear with me, if it takes a while until I post other stuff. I will also have to go to Salzburg at the end of the week to meet with Palm CEO Todd Bradley. You could really help me by posting some links to what other fellow journalists write about the Lotusphere in the comment section below. All of my stuff is obviously in German and there is yet more to come:

Lotusphere: Lotus Sametime in Zusammenarbeit mit Microsoft Office
heise online 31.1.2003

Lotusphere: IBMs Roadmap für Lotus Notes/Domino
heise online 30.1.2003

Lotusphere: Suns unendliche Mailbox
heise online 30.1.2003

Lotusphere: Montreal, Seoul, Nagano, Moscow, Barcelona, Atlanta
heise online 29.1.2003

Lotusphere: Java-Application-Server mit Content-Management per Domino
heise online 28.1.2003

Lotusphere: Domino-Anwendungen für IBMs WebSphere-Portal
heise online 28.1.2003

Lotusphere: Avaya Unified Messenger für Lotus Domino
heise online 28.1.2003

Lotusphere: IMtegrity zur Protokollierung von Chats und Instant Messaging
heise online 27.1.2003

Lotusphere: IBM stellt Produkt-Roadmap für 2003 vor
heise online 27.1.2003


.... bringst Du mir Mozartkugeln mit??? ;-)

ck one, 2003-02-01

Zu spät. Betthupferl selber gegessen. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-02-02

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