Installing Linux on Lucy

by Volker Weber


Once I had Windows XP up an running on Lucy I was pretty sure this is the perfect platform to try things. So I am currently installing SuSE Linux 8.1 Professional in another Virtual PC. Must I mention that this works much better than installing Windows XP?


Naming computers with human names? Well, in my lab's network I have 'Keynes', 'Adam Smith', 'Hayek', 'Coase', 'Becker' and soon - 'Amartya'. Naming them after Economists is, well...

I was so pleasantly surprised by C'T Knoppix CD that I currently want to test it as Linux server. First impression: seems much faster than Suse 8.1. I also like the navigation menus much better.

For naming servers, I am currently into artificial names Asterix-style such as dominix (my domino server), filix. Before we named all machines after milk product names, such as camembert, cream, butter, milk, blue, chevre, cheddar, babybel... Andy then came with some weird English cheeses (usually cheddar derivations), which I bought just to know how they taste (usually very good).

I hate networks with names such as file_server_1, domino3, workstation_a12 ... Location names are usually pretty bad as well - "what if you move?".

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-03-03

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