Bluetooth is a wonderful thing

by Volker Weber

It is getting harder to pair Bluetooth devices around vowe's magic flying circus. We are at five devices now: Lucy, Bonnie & Clyde, the old Ericsson T39m and the new Sony Ericsson T68i. Every new member in the family has to meet the relatives.

When I was thinking about how we could move address data from Ute's Samsung Q10 (this is one bonsai machine) on to the T39m, I was still too much PC-minded. It turned out to be much easier. The Samsung syncs with Bonnie every day, so all of her address data sitting inside the Palm desktop is always up-to-date on the handheld device. So I simply paired Bonnie with the phone and then just did a "Send category via Bluetooth" from the Palm Names application. Bingo. Life can be easy. :-)


Sure, it is really nice and cool, as long as it works.
I have a T68, a colleague just recently bought a P800 (nice little box that thing, really!!!). He tried to beam his new address entry over to my T68... boom, my phone completely crashed. Frozen... All I could do was switch it off and back on again. Tried it three times, with the same result every time.
It wouldn't really have surprised me if it didn't work across vendors, but across models from the same vendor? Uuuuh... (Admitted, the T68 is still by Ericsson, while the P800 is by SonyEricsson, but should THAT really make such a big difference?)

Well, well, there's still a lot to be done on those things...

So long,

Ragnar Schierholz, 2003-03-03

This doesn't suprise me, the SonyEricsson T68i is horrible, crashes, is slow and not really the most compatible device in the world.

Jimmy Cricket, 2005-01-19

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