Lotus people downsized - I want names

by Volker Weber

This is a sensitive one. I cannot ask people who still work for Lotus on this matter. They cannot comment without putting themselves in a very uncomfortale place. But this is a community with many inter-connections. Let's get a grip on this to understand how big a problem this is.

Let me tell you what I am not trying to do. I am not trying to run a story. I am not trying to publish a list of people affected.

What I do want to know is: Who is forced to leave? What positions did they have? When I get enough information of that kind I can put a jigsaw puzzle together to better understand what IBM management is really trying to do.

So, if you know any names, please send an email. Use an anonymous account if you must. Yes there is a reason I have switched off comments for this post.

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