Groove 2.5b Build 1739

by Volker Weber

Groove did a silent update. Again. No notification, no changelog, no information about bugs that have been fixed. Please note this permanent address for the latest build:

This will save you separate downloads for all your computers and you do not have to apply stupid tricks to catch this file before the installer deletes it from temp. Ignore the "preview" in the file name. This installer will not downgrade you to a preview version if you have licensed the product.


I dont think Groove ever got out of 'Stealth' mode.

Its really annoying when you are trying to introduce this 'professional' product into a controlled enterprise environment, that no update info is ever available. At least MS have a knowledge base and references from the updates !!

Maybe Groove will catch-on.

Clive Davies, 2003-03-04

Kinda worrying when people start referring to Groove in the past tense! Great technology, lousy management....

Mark, 2003-03-04

Maybe Ray should blog about this. LOL!

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