Instant Messaging takes over

by Volker Weber

I can very much relate to this post on Ed Brill's IBM weblog:

In the almost five years since these acquisitions, an incredible cultural change has happened, in our world at IBM but also with many of your business environments.

On a typical day, I'll have somewhere between 20 and 50 instant messaging chats; 10 or more of these will be with external parties (partners, customers, etc.). I'll attend at least two online internal meetings. What I won't do, though, is receive unanticipated telephone calls. My telephone and voice mail volume has dropped by 90% or more over the last five years. The culture at IBM has shifted such that, for many of us, Instant Messaging is the first route-of-contact ...

Same thing here. Try to reach me on AIM as voweXXL. If you dare, try to call me on my mobile. If you don't show your caller id, you might or most likely will be ignored.


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