Thin client for Domino and Exchange

by Volker Weber


Once in a while you find something really interesting at CeBIT. Not one of the big announcements from the major players, but at a small booth. Thanks to Oliver Stein of Innotek for pointing me to this interesting mail interface developed by x-dot. Their eye catcher was this Becker Radio which is equipipped with a WAP browser. But the x-dot solution also works with any WAP-enabled phone or PDA as well as through a browser. Not just Internet Explorer like Lotus iNotes but any browser. They can interface Domino R5 and 6 servers als well as Exchange 2000. If you don't have those you can also let them keep you mail in a relational database like Postgres or if you want to pay more Oracle and such.

Once I get their software, I will try it on my own server and then tell you more. What I can say today is that it runs on Java application servers and is carrier-grade stuff. But it is also availabe for rent or purchase and can be run even by small shops.

If you want to visit them, x-dot are at the IBM partner booth in hall 4.


i want to test it with R6 domino with oracle 8i also with db2

will u able to send me


Sandesh naik, 2004-07-20

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