Best. Notebook. Ever.

by Volker Weber


After one week of exclusively working with Heidi I have nothing but praise for her. On a single charge she worked for more than four hours with the Airport WLAN card on all the time. This picture shows her at an estimated 2:56 hours left with a 63% charge.

Four hours were good for the whole day at CeBIT since I was able to close the screen at any time and put her in sleep mode. Heidi always woke up in less than three seconds to take some notes during press conferences. I recommend using Dan Schimpf's MacJournal 2.1 for this task.

I also want to thank the fine people at the Palm booth for sharing their network access with me. Sometimes I was able to ride on other people's airwaves but Palm was always an excellent access point. Expect more good news about them soon.


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