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by Volker Weber

Associated Press/The Independent:

Electronic bugging devises have been discovered in offices used by the French and German delegations at a European Union headquarters building where an EU summit will open on Thursday.

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No surprise there.
On a somehow related subject: I haven't seen any comments here in on Mitch Kapor leaving Groove Network's board of directors. Apparently his main concern and disagreement was GN's role and invovement in the citizen surveillance projects by the US government. His Open Source Applications Foundation might have been an early indicator of the scepticism regarding GN's strategy and direction.
I didn't find any entries for March in Mitch's weblog. And how about the dead-since-November weblog of Ray Ozzie - pure coincidence?

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-03-19

I commented on Ray's "resting" weblog a while ago. Mitch stepped down from the board while I was at CeBIT and I did not feel like posting old hat.

I am also not convinced that the TIA stuff is the only reason behind this move. Instead I assume that Chandler, who will take on Outlook and Groove is a bigger obstacle there.

Groove will end up firmly in the Microsoft camp. I assume that Version 3 will talk directly to Microsoft applications as Groove peers. Thus it will be a cornerstone in Microsoft's (m)architecture until it is assimilated. That is not an agenda Mitch would likely chair.

Volker Weber, 2003-03-19

Groove is firmly in the MS camp for some time now, and I have the same suspicions, that from version 3 onwards GN will get the MS label. As we all know in the MS world version 3.x has always had some significance ;-)

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-03-19

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