Sigh. End of an era.

by Esther Schindler

I've always liked Mark Eppley. In a business where way too many people took themselves too seriously, he's continued to have a sense of humor... and he's a practical joker. At Comdex one year, he held a rock-skipping contest at the Sands' pool. Unfortunately for his hotel bill, he chose to use chocolate chip cookies instead of rocks.

But Laplink -- I remember when it was called Traveling Software -- hit hard times. And it's finally had to file for bankruptcy protection.


I agree that is a shame about Mark, but FYI Thomas Koll comes from Microsoft in Unterschleissheim/Munich! He was head of sales here for several years (where I worked with him), before transferring to Redmond for a couple of years before leaving the company. Small world.

Mitch Wolfson, 2003-03-22

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