Free Cup Holder

by Volker Weber

For Internet Explorer users only: Get your free cup holder while supplies last.



Michael, 2003-03-23

That's unfair :-) The only Windows machine I have for testing is located in a closet under the roof, accessed by a KVM switch. And the only way to get there is to crawl under some desks, open a small door (like 25x25"), crawl down the storage space to get to the machine ... I want a "free cup holder remover". Stead. <g>

Stefan Rubner, 2003-03-23

Which of Media Player's many vulnerabilities does this exploit? Whichever one it is I must have turned it off as nothing happened to my PC ;o(

Maybe it's the setting:

Allow Internet sites to uniquely identify your platyer.

I have this turned off!


Jake Howlett, 2003-03-24

Nope. I was just being stupid. My music was on loud enough to cover the sound of the CD ejecting.... d'oh!

Jake Howlett, 2003-03-24

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