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by Volker Weber


Israeli artist Michel Kichka, a native Belgian and the son of Holocaust survivors, made Aliyah to Israel in 1974, where he has been a freelance illustrator of editorial and political cartoons, comic strips, children’s books and advertising. Currently, he serves as a senior lecturer of illustration and comic art at the Bezalel Academy’s Visual Communications Department.

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John Keys, 2003-03-24

That must be the best I've seen yet about Dubya.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2003-03-24

it's right up there with the one portraying Dubya as the empty warhead found in Washington by the UN (about a month or so ago) :)

peixes, 2003-03-25

I have been trying to locate a poster called...AND I Love NY by Michel Kichka can you help me.....Kathy

Kathy Ciago, 2004-03-15

I have a framed poster of I Love NY by Michel Kichka - are you still interested?

Stephanie, 2004-07-06

I am looking for this poster "and I love new york"

Carnell Maynard, 2004-11-15

I'm also looking for the poster called ...And I Love New York by Michel Kichka. Could you help me please.

Linda MooYin, 2004-11-23

Stephanie are you selling the Poster? If so how much?


Linda MooYin, 2004-11-23

I have a Michel Kichka ...And I Love New York poster up for auction this week on if anyone is interested in bidding on it. I started the auction low with no reserve.

Brian Zorena, 2004-12-08

Brian I checked on ebay did you sold it has yet? I would love to have it. Thanks

Linda MooYin, 2005-01-26

Brian I searched ebay for the poster and could not find it. Please let me know if it was already sold. Thanks

Linda MooYin, 2005-01-26

I just saw the poster today ...And I love NY at a pizza shop in NYC. It was well depicted and absolutely funny. I wrote the publishers name and phone number. It's a 1982 poster, published by Update Art Tele #1212-685-1330. Hope This helps anyone. Looking for the poster myself, It's a perfect picture of the NYC lifestyle.

Danniel Soto, 2005-02-10

I saw it in my Dentist office here in NJ he said that he bought like 10 years ago at a store in Wayne, NJ. I also got all that info and I called that same number but someone answered and said that it is the wrong number. Danniel did you ask the pizza shop where they got it? Let me know because I will be going to the city soon and I'll be spending the whole day looking for it. Checking out some Art shops. I'm hoping that I get lucky.

Linda MooYin, 2005-02-15

I have this poster-I love NY. It is a brilliant work. I also own what I believe are some of Kichka's earlier works of scenes (in a similar vein) in Holland (Rotterdam harbor, a concert hall-a tram in the Hague). They are black and white ink posters. They are unsigned but I am sure they are by Kichka. I bought them in the early 70s at the Waterlooplein from Kichka ( I think it was him). We chatted a bit but I don't remember if he mentioned his name to me. In any case, if Kichka is reading this post, I would like him to contact me. I would love to purchase some of these Dutch prints-if they are still available. They are astounding.

seth welins, 2005-04-08

Seth you didn't mention if you was selling the ...And I Love New York poster. Let me know if you are.


Linda MooYin, 2005-04-11

I finally got a copy of the poster ... And I Love New York. I found it on EBay.

Linda MooYin, 2005-04-25

This is Kathy Ciago again I am still trying to locate the Michel Kichka Poster And I Love NY can it be ordered anywhere online?

Kathy Ciago, 2005-06-05


We have one of the ...NY posters for sale right now. We haven't put it up on ebay yet, so you guys could have first dibs, if you like.

Good Energy...


Joe Palley, 2006-06-05

Hi, I'm Looking this poster "...And I Love New York" by Kichka Michel.

Do somebody still have it ?


Luis B.

Luis Bigler, 2006-09-26

I have Michel Kichka's "TEL-AVIV TRAFFIC" by Rolink Publishers and framed by The Frameshop and Gallery on 1041 Bourbon. It's 27"X18 1/2"h. I was about to put it and a few other pieces on ebay. If anyone is interested, you could make an offer before I list it. It has the same humorous side Kichka sees and incorporates into his art with the constant changes in society and man's inability to control them.

david tynes, 2007-01-08

I have a large framed poster ...I love New York By Michel Kichka
If interested you can contact me at (704) 335-0887

Marie Sadler, 2007-11-06

The poster can be ordered here:

Carlos Franzetti, 2008-05-07

I own one of these ...and i love new york posters ironically i purchased it at a souvinier/gift shop on the top floor of the world trade center back in the spring of 1989 it is so interesting in that it seems every time you look at it you see something new that you had'nt noticed before i guess i never realized the amount of interest there is in that poster

kirt allen tucker, 2009-09-15

i have one for sale i am open for offers it is an frame one great peice of work i have looked and cannot find any even a bit like it if anyone knows of others like it let me know please and if anyone wants to make an offer my email is

mike brown, 2010-01-08

i have an i love new york poster int is printed on hardboard with a border and framed i would be interested in selling it for the right price make me an offer if you would like is my email

mike brown, 2010-10-24

I have a framed I Love New York poster. I would be interested in selling it. Email me at

Lisa Pincus, 2010-11-11

I have a framed I love New York poster. If interested, please email me at

Natascha Ross, 2011-10-07

There is a framed poster ...and I love New York on Ebay right now! The framed is contemporary gunmetal color. Super nice!

Bobbi Kay, 2012-03-05

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