Impressive list of misreported stories

by Volker Weber

1. Saddam may well have been killed in the first night's surprise attack (March 20).
2. Even if he wasn't killed, Iraqi command and control was no doubt "decapitated" (March 22).
3. Umm Qasr has been taken (March 22).
4. Most Iraqis soldiers will not fight for Saddam and instead are surrendering in droves (March 22).
5. Iraqi citizens are greeting Americans as liberators (March 22).
6. An entire division of 8,000 Iraqi soldiers surrendered en masse near Basra (March 23).
7. Several Scud missiles, banned weapons, have been launched against U.S. forces in Kuwait (March 23).
8. Saddam's Fedayeen militia are few in number and do not pose a serious threat (March 23).
9. Basra has been taken (March 23).
10. Umm Qasr has been taken (March 23).
11. A captured chemical plant likely produced chemical weapons (March 23).
12. Nassiriya has been taken (March 23).
13. Umm Qasr has been taken (March 24).
14. The Iraqi government faces a "major rebellion" of anti-Saddam citizens in Basra (March 24).
15. A convoy of 1,000 Iraqi vehicles and Republican Guards are speeding south from Baghdad to engage U.S. troops (March 25).

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[via Horst Prillinger]


Hmmm, freut mich, dass du mich erwähnst, aber der Link ist nicht von mir. Ich hab zu so einer ähnlichen Geschichte im Guardian verlinkt.

Horst, 2003-03-28

You would be goose-stepping down the center of Darmstadt if it wasn't for those ugly Americans. Just like the French, Germans know where to find the USA when they need us. Do you think grandpappy Weber's butt was saved by some American or was he serving his country as cook in the German army?

Have a nice day

Ron Ervin, 2003-03-28

Irgendwie fällt mir da nur ein Zitat von Dieter Nuhr ein. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-03-28

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