Eclipse 2.1 slated for release tomorrow

by Volker Weber


Thursday March 27, 2003 Status: The RC4 build will be today at 15:00 EST. This should be the final build of the 2.1 release cycle, and will include both final code and final doc. The untested build should be available for download about half an hour after the build starts; the automated tests take another couple of hours. We need everyone to sanity check the build, especially the areas of doc that are only coming together at the last minute. As always, please report all problems and flag suspected "stop ship" defects so that they get immediate attention. Knock on wood, we'll be able to declare Eclipse 2.1 available sometime tomorrow.

Eclipse is the open source platform on which commercial products like IBM Websphere Studio are built. 2.1 will be the first release for Mac OS X. Currently I am running a release candidate on Lucy.

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