IBM developerWorks Live

by Volker Weber


I keep hunting down this stupid URL. Consider this a a bookmark for myself. :-)

Ah, and while we are at this: Opening sessions for Technical Interchange/Solutions/developerWorks Live/howevertheycallitthisyear are very predictable: Steve Mills holds the same speech as last year, old buzzwords replaced with new buzzwords, and then Irving Wladawsky-Berger elaborates on the buzzwords with his really interesting "nice uncle" performance. This year's buzzword is "on demand". Expect to hear it often. And then there is also a "real" speaker. This year it is Grady Booch.


Are they re-using buzzwords? "On Demand" was a couple of years ago. Like "workspace on demand."

Then again, there's probably a Save The Buzzword association somewhere out there. Let's not buy any new ones until we've used up the ones we have!

What do you think is actually new in the development universe? As opposed to stuff that's smaller, faster, cheaper, or quieter?


esther schindler, 2003-03-31

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