To move or not to move

by Volker Weber

I recently read some speculation about Ed and myself moving our blogs to different hosts or different software platforms. This website runs on a Linux box using MovableType, Perl and PHP. MovableType is written in Perl and does the heavy lifting, whereas PHP performs some simple tricks doing includes and RDF parsing. I am very happy with this solution and will stay put.

Ed is a different story. When we talked about him starting to author weblog entries, I invited him as an author first, so he could try whether he likes it or not. We quickly came to the conclusion that he would rather start his own weblog. There were some more considerations I am not going to talk about, which led to the current situation where he actually has two weblogs, the other one hosted at the IBM site.

Yes, Ed's weblog will move soon off of one of my servers to a different host. When we started on none of the available Domino templates could match the features and functions of MovableType - but that is changing. Start holding your breath. The cat is almost out of the bag.


And sorry that it is taking even this long. I was able to move 1000 miles faster than this weblog move has gone :)

Ed Brill, 2003-03-31

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