Reviewing XTNDConnect Server, part 1

by Volker Weber

extended_systems_logo2.gifI have been using XTNDConnect Client (a.k.a. EasySync Pro) for a while now. Today I started testing the XTNDConnect Server which gives you many more ways to sync the mobile devices with the server. So far this is going very well. I set up the server within about 15 minutes and then built a custom client installer. I was able to sync Clyde, the Tungsten T, about 10 minutes later.

That also went very well with one exception: The address book did not sync particularly well with the Domino server. All the custom fields did not sync and those contain my private address entries and the birthdays of my contacts. I need to find out whether I can set up a field mapping there. I assume so, but have not yet found it in the settings. If you have any experience in this field, please let me know. Also, the fax numbers seem to map into Other fields but the mobile phone numbers synced OK. That is broken in the client product.

I have recovered my address db from backup for now and will give it a new try tomorrow after I talked to Extended Systems about these issues.

Once I get these things sorted out I can start to sync Clyde in many other ways: via the mobile phone from abroad, via Bluetooth access to networks and so forth. I should also be able to sync it through desktop connectors on any of my Windows machines without worrying about lost updates. Unfortunately XTNDConnect is a Windows only solutions. No other servers besides NT and Win2k and no client connectors other than Windows 98 through XP.

I think after about one week of playing with the server I will have gathered enough knowledge to wrap it up in an article.


You might already know this product, but I found it to be really cool to synchronize my Pocket PC PDA with Domino (it's also available for Palm OS):
There is a server part that sits on the Domino server (or a machine connected to it), and a client that runs on the pocket device.

Stefan Tilkov, 2003-04-01

Did you ever try Pylon from AvantGo. Ok, not the real next generation of technology, but very robust, easy to install, and available as client and server based module.
We use it in many projects. Anyone with bad experience here?

Alexander Kluge, 2003-04-01

No, I have not tried Pylon nor Cadenza. I think I should contact them and ask them for a copy. It is a little bit beyond the scope of what I wanted to do in the first place but it may make more sense to look at all of them.

I remember that either Cadenza or Pylon have also been around while the world was still make fun of Apple's Newton. Which one was that?

Volker Weber, 2003-04-01

I have read this publication and the article in c't 14/2003 by Volker Weber. You have abviously never heard of Synchrologic's Mobile Suite or tested it. I compared both products in detail and I found that Synchrologic is by far superior. To mention just a few extremely helpful features: sync of all e-mail folders (i.e. deleted items, sent items and drafts!) and subfolders. This means you never experience a difference between the notes/outlook client and the PDA! Contacts in subfolders are synced! Download of filtered elements (full text and attachments) can be initiated in the inbox and are automatically downloaded during the next sync. Checkpoint-Restart, i.e. if the connection is lost (e.g. GPRS, wLAN, etc.) the sync does not start from scratch again, but continues at the point where the connection got lost, which is especially useful if you download a larger attachment!
Problems with field mappings are unknown for Synchrologic.
If you are interested, you can contact me or check the Synchrologic site
Best regards
Wolfram Knoblach
Pica GmbH - winlinx
82152 Martinsried

Wolfram Knoblach, 2003-06-30

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