Giga ExperNet program to be discontinued

by Volker Weber

Just received this by e-mail today:

Dear ExperNet Expert,

Please note, the Giga ExperNet program will be discontinued effective April 30, 2003. Your GigaWeb ID will expire on April 30, 2003. All information pertaining to ExperNet (including all ExperNet bios) will be removed from GigaWeb by this date as well. We thank you for your participation in the ExperNet program. Your contributions played an important role servicing Giga clients. If you have any questions, please contact Client Care at (781) 792-2600, extension 2.


Giga Information Group, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Forrester Research, Inc.

That was always a fair deal. Access to most of the Gigaweb content, and in return answer customers' questions. Thank you, Giga Information Group.


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