Boys need toys

by Volker Weber

veocam.jpgToday I played with the Veo Photo Traveler, a camera you can get through a Palm promotion for free (US residents only, how stupid is that?) when you buy a new Tungsten T.

As I mentioned in vowe's choice the quality of the images is not very good. Think Webcam instead of Digicam. The camera also seems to draw a lot of power from the Palm handheld. After you used it only for a few minutes you think: What, only 20 more images? At 640x480 an image can be as large as 200k. Multiply that by 20 and you get 4 meg. Well, I have a 128 meg SD card, but that has to be taken out of the SD slot to make room for the camera. Catch 22.

If a camera is supposed to be any useful, it has to be inside the Palm device without taking up a slot. I am sure Palm Solutions knows that already. :-)


they also could have made the head (external part where the lens is) a little bigger so a card could be slipped behind the lens part as a pass-through for using both the camera and a memory card (not sure if the power consumption of such a combo would be too much though, i'm sure it could be worked out)

kjartan, 2003-04-02

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