Reviewing XTNDConnect Server, part 2

by Volker Weber

[continued from part 1]

With a little help from Extended System I was able to map my custom fields in the Palm Names application to the appropriate fields in the Notes Personal Directory (names.nsf). The very helpful engineer sent me a screenshot (!) with a snippet of code that I had to tweak just a wee little bit:

  FIELD XCSCustom1:=XCSCustom1;
  FIELD XCSCustom2:=XCSCustom2;
  FIELD XCSCustom3:=XCSCustom1;
  FIELD XCSCustom4:=XCSCustom1;
  FIELD StreetAddress:=StreetAddress;
  FIELD City:=City;
  FIELD State:=State;
  FIELD Zip:=Zip;

This new custom setting allows users to modify the way various Notes fields are mapped. This is implemented as custom read and write Notes Formulas that can be added to the notessettings.xml file. Any valid notes formulas can be entered. When reading a notes record the server will first run the Read Formula and when writing a record the server we will run the Write Formula after making the changes, but before saving the record. Please be aware that this only works if you have at least version 3.6.2003.305.

That turned out to work very well and I can now sync both the company address as well as the private address from the Notes database and the Palm Names application. However there is still a little glitch, very similar to the problem I was facing with the client product. Look at the Other field in the screen below and you will find that it contains the Fax number:


The Extended Systems engineer told me that they are aware of this bug and it will be fixed in a subsequent release.


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