Collaborative editing in real time

by Volker Weber


Editing documents in groups can be a challenge. Versioning systems like cvs or subversion can help your group to keep a consistent copy of your document, but don't go that extra mile. Wouldn't it be great to edit the same document, live, in realtime, together with everyone in your group?

With Hydra you can. The idea of collaborative editing has been researched for years, with notable results. But now for the first time it has been implemented in a way you actually want to use: While doing complex calculations under the hood to ensure correct behavior with mulitple users, to you Hydra is just as easy to use as a traditional text edtior.

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Great for the Mac world. What a pity for the rest of us. I read through the features and looked at the screenshots: this appears to be a collaboration tool I have been looking for. Nice and simple interface.

Would it be possible to let the no-macs enjoy the features through a web service, a bit like a Mac VNC server / thin client?

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-04-04

Get a Mac. I mean it. 1500 for an iBook or 2000 for a PowerBook. You won't regret it.

Volker Weber, 2003-04-04

Like the man said, great for macs, but, the highest percentage of creativity is taking place right here on te web, and is being powered by Linux and unix. Even your own blogger which looks like it's either Wordpress or nucleus, is a linux driven system. Now,, theres some very nice collaberative editors available out there like Celtx, but, in those cases, you download the client and upload to that companies server. You cant just log on and write, nor can you share with anyone else..

Whats neecded is a system whereby if i'm running server software on my site so my writers can log on and use the browser for an editor, then get their friends from another server on another system involved in the same writing project. it justr doesnt look like thats happening though...

Pam Brooker, 2007-04-12

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