What's on your Palm launcher?

by Volker Weber


I am shifting my categories once in a while so that my Main category contains the applications that I have to use most often. All the buttons on Clyde launch the default applications (names, dates, to do, memo, voice memo and calculator).

So what is on Your launcher?



my favorite apps are :
launcher III
graffiti anywhere (escande.org/palm)
handyshop :)
yoda for palm (huuu....)
pendragon offline browser
and finally...

the only way to wake up in the morning without music....

Lui.Z, 2003-04-05

My Palm favorites - look at http://www.impuls-mb.com/blog/000083.html

MaKo, 2003-04-08

For my Palm tools look here: http://www.urspringer.de/2003_04_06_weblog_archive.html#92308904

Michael Urspringer, 2003-04-09

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