by Volker Weber

While I am busy testing the XTNDConnect Server I really needed to go via a Bluetooth/Internet connection to the server. Did not want to pay extra for a connection via my mobile carrier so I really needed to get the Bluetooth access point going. Since Clyde bombs right away when you connect to the BT LAN access profile — as reported before — I needed a workaround using Mocha PPP:


After some tweaking that worked OK. If you select Windows CE as your device type then you can go up to 115000 bps, not exactly the speed you would expect from BT, but then again better than the Palm setting in this somewhat ancient software. It is nice for test purposes but Palm really, really needs to fix the Tungsten BT stack.

I had some difficulties connecting to the XTNDConnect server, most likely due to user error on my part; I have a really weird DNS setup inside my LAN. Don't want to get into details here, but I am spoofing a few addresses. Anyway, I first checked the ol' WAP browser that comes with the Tungsten T and then also the web browser. It turned out that the Yahoo site is done very well. I think I will refer to that again in the future:

yahoo1.jpg yahoo2.jpg

I think I will retire for today and work out the DNS issues tomorrow.


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