Tungsten T paint chips off

by Volker Weber

TungstenPaint1tn.JPG TungstenPaint2tn.JPG

I first noticed this in the upper left corner and now it starts developing all over the front: Clyde loses its paint. Interestingly that only happens on the front that is always covered with the plastic shield and not on the back. I assume it is actually caused by the cover. Maybe it is evaporating a substance that softens the paint?

I am not worried about my Tungsten since I actually like it when my devices have some indication that they are being used. But I can imagine that other folks might have a different view ...


I notice missing paint on my mobile phones - and I _don't_ like it...

Vowe I experienced this on my new Tungsten at the weekend and I know wat is happening. The plastic cover "catches" specs of dust/grit between it and the Palm, when you then put the Palm in your pocket and the plastic is pressed against the palm small scratches appear. Because the plastic screen moves slightly up and down and left and right, it is possible to get almost circular scratches. I had it in my pocket against my wallet while shopping on Saturday, afterwards there are about 15 scratches on the front. My Tungsten is a only few days old so they were not there before. Get a new case and don't use the plastic cover. I'm going to complain and send it back!!!

Mike Golding, 2003-04-07

Makes sense to me.

As I said, I don't really care. I need to protect the screen. That's it. The front can have as many scratches as it wants.

Volker Weber, 2003-04-07

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