The infamous 345 files bug

by Volker Weber

Question: How many files can you have in a Tungsten T?
Answer: 344.

As soon as you get to 345, the Launcher will bomb as soon as you try to categorize, send, beam, delete ... It fails when it enumerates the files. Usually you don't hit that limit with regular programs. But as soon as you start to use the Web browser you fill up the device rather quickly with cached files. I was not aware of this bug, which has obviously been documented long ago, until I got my Bluetooth connection working with the Mocha PPP kludge and started to use that browser.

If you have not encountered the bug and you do have more than 344 files, then you may not have the EFGIS version. EFGIS? EnglishFrenchGermanItalianSpanish. That is the version where you have to select your language after a hard reset.

Until Palm fixes that bug you have two choices: Delete the browser cache once in a while (read: after each use) or use a different launcher.


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