Travelling without a keyboard this time

by Volker Weber

thinkeyboardtn.jpgA keyboard is one of the things that I miss once in a while with Clyde. This week will be another one of those occasions. I will be going to attend IBM's developerWorks Live event in New Orleans. So I will be lugging around a notebook the whole week to write stories and take notes. When I was still using my IBM-branded Palm V, I had a keyboard that attached to it. And all the things I needed for a field trip fit into my pockets. The Tungsten now has the new universal connector so I had to part with the old keyboard. I liked that a lot.

I am somewhat undecided what I should think about the new keyboard. It is incredibly light and thin. But I doubt that Palm will be making a German keyboard layout. I think that the market for these devices is actually very small so it may not make sense for them to invest in this kind of venture.

keyboard_accordion_170.gifHowever the old keyboard that I used to have is also available with the universal connector. And Palm has one with my preferred keyboard layout. What would you trade? A really small and light one or one with your preferred layout? I am leaning towards the latter.

However it turns out. Having one of them will spare me from carrying a notebook computer in many cases. If the Tungsten would also have WLAN capability I could probably do most of my reporting with this setup. Does anybody hear me? :-)


From my experience I'd say stick with the preferred layout. Working on different keyboard layouts really gave me some headache - especially when you're used to blind typing and you're a heavy users of keyboard shortcuts (like my favourite combo Ctrl-Z/Ctrl-Y).

Stefan Rubner, 2003-04-07

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