Keep it stupid, simple?

by Volker Weber

Follow the instructions on the screen for downloading to your PDA. 1. Place the device in front of the IR FTP "beaming" adapter. 2. Download the IBM developerWorks Live! application. The link will call the IRFTP program which will beam the application to the device automatically. 3. You will be prompted on your device to accept the file. Select yes. 4. To launch the IBM developerWorks Live! application in the future, go to the launchpad and click on the icon for IBM developerWorks Live!.

IBM, please. How hard is it to just put the application in a ZIP file and have it available for download, so I can actually install it on my Tungsten without moving my sorry 455 in front of your IR FTP beaming adapter?

Software written by administrators for administrators, huh? And while we are at this: There does not seem to be much going on in terms of conference highlights.


And they say RTFM !

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