How cheap can software be?

by Markus Nolte

Recently I got an email about cheap standard software.

The Link lead me to a page where some standard software is provided as OEM versions for about 20% of the price of the cheapest reseller I know.

Ok. Lets try to get some infos about the reseller on the page.
This is not available. There is no post address where to reach the company.

Since the prices are really attractive I searched for the owner of the site.

Mourad Shakhbanov
Bebelya 118-33
Ekaterinburg, Ural 620034

I expect the money will help to make some guys really happy in Ural ;-)


I like this quote from his FAQ:
"the software versions that we sell are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means you receive the installation CDs only (they do not come in their original retail packing and do not include the manual)."

It's going to be a while until piracy police gets to this guy. You see, Ural's roads are just awful. Especially in spring :)

Alexis Smirnov, 2003-04-11

I Ural's roads are awful, then don't even start to think about Ural's jails...

Thomas Gumz, 2003-04-11

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