Corporate blogging with MovableType

by Volker Weber

This hack is a big step towards enabling a large number of people to run their own blogs in a corporate environment without the need for a separate user management:

This is a hack for Movable Type to use LDAP when looking up Author records. Every reecord of inetOrgPerson class below a given branch of the LDAP tree will be treated as an MT author, and if necessary a blog will be created for each LDAP-based author.

Authentication depends on using basic authentication on your webserver - ie. using mod_auth_ldap - since LDAP author objects in this hack heck to verify the REMOTE_USER of a webserver-authenticated user, instead of verifying the password stored in MT's author records.

User beware: This is very much a raw hack and will likely require some experience with perl and MT, as well as with LDAP and web server configuation.

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Note that this project has been inactive for quite a while. "This is very much a raw hack", is what it says today and what it said the end of last year.

When I posted this story on my weblog last year, I also found this decafbad posting introducing the LDAP hack: "This is an early, early, early release of the thing, and is likely to do very nasty things for all that I know. But, I wanted to share, and it seems to be working for the proof of concept at work (that is, MT weblogs on our intranet for every employee)."

So why not invoke the Lazyweb and see if someone wants to do some work and stick the "production stable" label on this interesting hack?

Haiko Hebig, 2003-04-15

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