Banderielo di pace

by Volker Weber


When I first saw this flag, I laughed and thought somebody forgot a letter. Now my neighbor has the same flag hanging out of her window and that got me thinking again. It turned out I was just ignorant. Brushed up a little bit on my Latin. And italian for that matter. :-)

Update: Manual Salzunger had a nice one from Titanic:



just the same happened to me but I performed slightly better - just a minute or so ;-)

Anyway I wonder why I've seen flags and writings out there but not one saying "Frieden". As if we germans were ashamed to make use of the german word for 'peace'. Sometimes I think that is because we are still afraid to commit to our own affairs (too much went wrong when we once did)?

BTW: Another one would be 'paco' (esperanto)


Wolfgang Flamme, 2003-04-16

Manuel Salzunger, 2003-04-17

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