Not yet compliant

by Volker Weber

I worked a little bit on my templates tonight in order to make the site compliant with the XHTML specification. That is almost done. I do need to work on one item and that is the HTML entity for ampersand. This character is often used in URLs and I don't want to handcode those when linking somewhere else. MT has to do that for me. Once I figured out how I can do that, I will fix the archive templates as well and regenerate the site.


Try the Validable plugin.

From the description:

- Convert all & in the text to & (unless they are &something;)
- Convert all &, " and ' in tag attribute values to the corresponding entities

But there is more:

What it does
This plugin corrects many of the most common 'invalid' constructs by applying the following changes:
- Convert all tag names to lowercase
- Use double quotes for all tag attribute values
- Attributes without a value (i.e. DEFER or ISMAP) are assigned their own name as default value.
- Close IMG, BR and HR tags using shorthand ()
- Adds an empty ALT attribute to images without an ALT.
- Remove MT's automatic <P> when they enclose a block element like BLOCKQUOTE, PRE, H{x} or even another P.
- Remove MT's automatic <BR> just after those block elements
- plus the above ampersand stuff

I haven't tried out this plugin yet, but will very soon.

For more MT plugins, check the MT Plugins Directory

Haiko Hebig, 2003-04-16

Sounded interesting, so I just tried it out. FYI - perhaps not surprisingly, it didn't seem to coexist with John Gruber's SmartyPants ( - at least, I didn't spend very long investigating it, but the first try resulted in all the various quote symbols getting displayed as &xxxx; on my blog.

Could well be that I did something silly and I will probably try again over Easter...

John Keys, 2003-04-16

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